Wall of AlbumsEarbits is well on its way.  With our site design complete, our beta in development under the watchful eye of Benjamin Bryant, and some funding in the bank, things are looking very strong for our upcoming launch.

To top it all off, Yotam is kicking ass recruiting amazing artists across our first four genres – jazz, rock, hard rock, and electronic dance music.  We have over 170 artists with a combined 220 albums of great music and we’re getting more everyday.  If you know of any awesome artists that should be playing on our site, please let us know.

To give you an example of the high quality artists we’re working with, in jazz we have Dave Samuels, winner of several Grammys and voted “Best Vibes Player” in both Jazziz and Modern Drummer magazines.  We’ll also be featuring two time Grammy Award-Winning violinist and long time member of Turtle Island Quartet, Mads Tolling.  In rock, we’ve got Shaimus, a fantastic group of songwriters with music featured in Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and licensed to MTV.  And, leaning toward the harder side of rock, we have bands like Ironweed from Small Stone Records, who were featured at SXSW.

Again, if you have some favorite, independent bands that you think would be a great addition to earbits, please let us know, or ask them to contact [email protected]

Joey Flores
CEO, earbits.com
[email protected]
LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/joeyjflores
Twitter: @earbits

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