by Tyler Hayes Could be your band’s new best friend. probably isn’t the place to park your band’s whole online identity, but it’s a resource you should know about. Peggd is a simple, seriously dead simple, way to create a webpage and get content online in literally seconds.

No sign ups, you’re immediately entering the site’s info when you arrive. First you enter a title with 3 choices of fonts. You then enter a body of text (or html) and you’re done. You can make a password to edit the page later or not, but then the site is live for everyone to see. Built in at the top once you publish is an easy way for you or your fans to share the page with Twitter, Facebook, Email or Reddit.

Here’s a site ( I created in less than 30 seconds with an embedded audio player to boot. The url is short, the page is clean and there’s nothing to deal with, which can be slightly limiting, but also freeing for bands that want to concentrate on other things.

Though there’s a million things Peggd could be used for, I’m betting bands can greatly benefit from a lot of them. Easily create an EPK with embedded Youtube video, quickly post the latest tour dates, or just gather all the links from your other sites in an easy to read place. Looking for an online tour journal or a way to share non-private data with other members? Peggd would work great. You can also set another url to fwd to your Peggd page making it even easier to get to.

If Peggd seems interesting to you, but not quite functional enough you may want to take a look at similar services such at and Onesheet is entertainment specific with preselected modules for services like iTunes, Youtube, Facebook, and a lot more that you input info and the data streams in. is more individual focused, but could be made to work if something about it interests you.

The scenarios for Peggd are endless for musicians with limited time and creative tendencies. When a service like this with no ads, no fuss and with good user intentions in mind comes along though it’s hard not to find every excuse to use it.

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