On this blog, I’ve discussed what I believe to be “the best Wilco songs, album by album.” Stereogum writers Timothy Bracy and Elizabeth Bracy recently released their list of “Wilco’s Best 10 Songs” and, somewhat surprisingly, none of them correspond to my list’s choices.  This made me irrationally angry, and compelled me to write this post.  Perhaps if Stereogum had titled their piece “My favorite Wilco songs,” I wouldn’t have had such a reaction.  After all, “best of” lists, like musical preferences, are personal.  In any case, here are my 10 favorite Wilco songs which also, in my opinion of course, happen to be the best.  As a side-note, the Stereogum article contains a brilliantly-written account of Wilco’s post-Uncle Tupelo struggles and evolution, so check it out too.

10.  “Theologians”

Stereogum chose “At Least That’s What You Said” as their token A Ghost Is Born track, which is, admittedly, a great song.  It’d maybe fall at number 11 on my list, but this song, with its aggressively political yet still abstract and poetic lyricism, is just a little bit better.

9.  “I’m Always In Love”

This song is just so good.


8.  “Kamera”

So is this song.  I don’t know how Stereogum left these two out.

7.  “Heavy Metal Drummer”

I love the goofy, playfulness of this song— which appears on what might be considered the band’s darkest and most thought-provoking albums.


6.  “What Light”

A folksy track that evokes 70s-era bands, but adds Tweedy’s signature twang.

5.  “A Shot In The Arm”

Tweedy’s somehow-angsty desperation shines through on this Summerteeth standout track.


4.  “Impossible Germany”

Although Sky Blue Sky is one of Wilco’s less-impressive albums, “Impossible Germany” remains one of my favorite tracks in the band’s discography.  The solos and guitar-work here in general is amazing.


3.  “Handshake Drugs”

Tweedy’s near his lyrical best on this track, which has powerful imagery.  The backing music helps, of course, too.


2.  “I’m The Man Who Loves You”

In my original post I claimed “Kamera” was the best song on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but I overlooked this great track.  It’s somewhat uncharacteristic of Wilco’s sound, but, in a different manner than “Heavy Metal Drummer,” that’s what makes it so good.

1.  “Spiders”

Over ten-minutes  (on the album version at least) of awesome, Wilco-style jammin’.  Great track.

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