by Tyler Hayes

Never once have I uttered the words “Funky fresh,” but with Wooster‘s album, If All The Dew Were Diamonds, it’s the only phrase that comes to mind, immediately describing the music. The album is definitely a genre bender and a great example of a band accurately throwing in hints of multiple styles, while never over saturating a particular taste.

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Opening with “House On Fire,” you’re greeted with a blend of mellow grooves starting off the song, and a rush guitar power ushering in the large and heavy hitting chorus. Female vocals join in, adding to the large chorus and transition to take over the second verse. The mix of male and female leading vocals is a common theme on the record and an element that dramatically adds to the overall feel the band aims to drive home. “Tie Your Boots” starts off similarly to the previous track, but instead of launching into a rock inspired chorus, the bouncy, almost reggae style beat takes over. By no means is the change in style jarring, only a tad unexpected. And once you know what’s coming for the rest of the song, it becomes an enjoyable roller coaster of different emotions.

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It’s All Good” with it’s smooth and flowing nature would have to be in the running for one of the more memorable tracks. Filled with enough crunchy guitars to satisfy any rock junkie, the “ooo’s and aaah’s” add a feeling of radio pop that warms the heart. If we’re talking about favorites though, the conversation wouldn’t be complete without mentioning “The River.” The track harkens back to the opening of this review and can only be accurately described as “funky” and “fresh.” Dripping with sweat and groove from the first note, never once does the song let up, not even during the ripping bass solo.

Basically a choose your own adventure set to melody, If All The Dew Were Diamonds explores all viable style options available to the band and by the time the final track “Day I Die” comes on, there isn’t a genre that hasn’t been explored in some way. Appealing to a wide audience is every music makers dream and Wooster seems to have successfully done just that.

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