by Charles Rojas | Metal/Hard Rock Manager,

Nowadays, you’ll find most Hard Rock bands trying to outdo one another by playing the same guitar riffs louder than each other. It’s an endless sea of Rock n Roll cliches and a lack of originality. Amazingly, Los Angeles natives Rooftop Revolutionaries have managed to rise above the noise and pose a unique brand of sound. 2013 is seeing the release of their new album, Resolute.

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The record opens with the hard-hitting “Complicity,” a Velvet Revolver-esque call to head banging with guitar lines that would make Slash proud. Songs like “Portrait” and “I Am A War” further showcase the bands songwriting sensibility, dynamically juxtaposing a heavy rhythm section with melodic vocals. A well-played tribute to CCR’s “Fortunate Son” shows a clear Classic Rock influence on the band. However, the real gem on the album is “Run Away,” a pseudo-ballad with a huge hook that reels in the listener every time vocalist Eleanor Goldfield sings the chorus, all the while maintaining artistic integrity and avoiding 80’s cheesiness.

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Overall, the album achieves a unique style by taking Guns N’ Roses’ Hard Rock, blending it with Alice in Chains’ Grunge, and adding in Chevelle’s Alternative Metal. Goldfield’s emotional and powerful vocals are what sell this mix of influences to the listener, with lyrical content ranging from the human condition to corporate power. An impressive work, Resolute by Rooftop Revolutionaries is sure to have an impact on the L.A. music scene and garner more attention for the band in 2013.

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