by Steph Rodriguez

Chris Zukowski may be an environment artist for the video game industry first and foremost, creating backgrounds and scenery to fulfill his day job, but he’s also dedicated the last six years fine tuning an alternative career choice under the moniker Z4.

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An electronic and house music artist based in Chicago, Z4 recently released his debut EP Dance Around the World, on March 2 available for free download on

The four-track EP runs just under 15 minutes, but songs like “Lost Control” boast anthemic electronic tones with high-energy beats that pound steadily throughout its duration giving his work as a whole, a lengthier illusion. The album continues with the song “Footwork,” heavily influenced by artists like synth-pop geniuses Daft Punk and even a bit of electro-house musician Deadmau5.

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Although the album is flooded with 8-bit sounds blended with the steady pulse of chaotic synth, the last two tracks on the EP explore more hip-hop ventures with Z4 dropping bars in between auto-tune melodies found in “Dance Around the World.” Z4’s debut album is for the all-night party that is welcomed by the early morning and will be well-received by fans of Glitch Mob or Stardust.

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