We are lucky to be streaming Astronauts, etc. on Earbits, but if the man behind the music, Anthony Ferraro, was able to put his two decades of study to use, we’d be discussing a new classical arrangement. That’s right, Classical music was his chosen path at one time. An unfortunate situation forced him to re-evaluate his musical future, and here we are…

Astronauts, etc. was born.

A tight, laid-back, well-arranged groove always seems to find itself at the center of an Astronauts, etc. track. Intricate alternative R&B and Soul that you can dance to. Word of advice: get ready to click the ‘Favorite’ button when you listen on Earbits – you’re going to want to hear Astronauts, etc. again.

We had the pleasure to ask Anthony Ferraro a few questions. Check out the exclusive interview, and most importantly, go listen to Astronauts, etc.

EB: When did you start writing and performing music?

A,e: Toward the middle of college.

EB: How did you come up with the name Astronauts, Etc. (has it always been?)

A,e: Astronauts, etc. is the first name that stuck. The meaning of the name changes often, I think, but it has to do with a general theme of exploring a lot of territory aesthetically.

EB: How did the band form? (college buddies, mutual friends, music forums?)

A,e: The four guys I play with all migrated to Oakland from Michigan, where they went to jazz school. I met them through mutual friends and eventually we just started playing together.

EB: Who do you dream to one day share the stage with?

A,e: Scott Walker

EB: Best live experience you’ve ever had? (what city, what made it special?)

A,e: We recently had a great show in Washington, DC. It sold out unexpectedly and we were all baffled to see so many people show up. The stage was also low to the ground, so there was an intense energy between us and the audience.

EB: Strangest or worst live experience you’ve ever had (there is no shame…even prince played Salons when he first started)

A,e: Probably our show in Durham, NC. It’s a college town, and we realized too late that the night of our show was right in the middle of spring break. There might have been fifteen people there.

EB: First song you ever put on your iPod ? (nostalgic throwback)

A,e: I can’t tell you that because of my miserable memory, but I do remember the first CD I burned for my car in high school was OK Computer.

EB: What are you currently listening to right now (at this very moment when you’re reading this)

A,e: Eu Amo Você by Tim Maia. I’ve probably listened to it 30 times in the last week.

EB: In your mind, what is success in music?

A,e: Always challenging oneself, always growing, and making sure never to let the creative spirit ossify or become stagnant.

EB: Are there any causes that you are currently passionate about?

A,e: My wife is an environmentalist, so that’s caused me to become more conscientious about my habits.

One thing is for sure -Astronauts, etc. is the real deal. Consider them added to our ‘Favorites’. Listen to Astronauts, etc. on Earbits!

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