If you have never heard Jesse Thomas sing before, you are in for a real treat. Originally from Covington, Kentucky, Jesse moved west to Los Angeles without knowing a soul, and began playing  her songs for the masses. Flash forward to 2011, she has been featured on iTunes “New and Noteworthy” as well as being chosen for the Starbuck’s “Pick of the Week”. Look for her new record, dropping soon, and enjoy a look into the mind of one of the area’s premier songwriters – and be sure not to miss an exclusive performance of a new track from her upcoming album – it is FANTASTIC.  Have fun!

An Exclusive Interview with Jesse Thomas (click here for the audio)

Scott Feldman: Hello, this is Scott Feldman with Earbits Radio. Sorry, I’m a bit hung over. I’m here with a great singer/songwriter, Jesse Thomas. Jesse, thanks for coming in.


Jesse Thomas: Sure thing, man.


Scott Feldman: Okay, closer to the mic for me.


Jesse Thomas: Sure thing, man.


Scott Feldman: Tell us a little bit about your trajectory as a singer/songwriter thus far.


Jesse Thomas: Well, I sing songs…


Scott Feldman: Nice.


Jesse Thomas: I wrote songs and things are going pretty well. I’ve been here in Los Angeles for, like, three years and started pursuing music about two years ago. I didn’t move to Los Angeles to be a musician.


Scott Feldman: So why did you come here for?


Jesse Thomas: I came to be an acteur.


Scott Feldman: And how is that going?


Jesse Thomas: It’s not.


Scott Feldman: Okay.


Jesse Thomas: But I did have a nice run at it. I booked one commercial, I got cut out of it.


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Scott Feldman: When did you shift focus from acting to music?


Jesse Thomas: I played an open mic one night, I wrote a song for my friend who was in the middle of possibly getting signed and needed a bunch of songs. And I thought “Hey, I’m lonely, miserable and broke and living in Los Angeles, maybe I can be a songwriter. So, I wrote a song, played it at an open mic. And, then, my producer, now my producer, didn’t even see me there, but because I played that open mic, in a long, weird twist of events, discovered me and wrote me when MySpace was just on the outs. But I, for some reason, had checked my page and he wrote me and the rest is history, now we’re just riding on 20 inch rims and living in big houses.


Scott Feldman: And who is that producer that you’re talking about?


Jesse Thomas: His name is Jim Roach.


Scott Feldman: And what’s the label?


Jesse Thomas: He’s starting a label. It’s in the works. But it’s wildly successful in the short time he’s been doing it and the label’s called Red Parade. They got some amazing artists on there and there’s a bunch of people in the biz that are trying to get involved. And it’s exciting to be part of, because there’s a lot of good people and I feel good about it. In a business full of a-holes, I feel pretty good about these ones.


Scott Feldman: That’s a good way to feel.


Jesse Thomas: Yes.


Scott Feldman: So, this EP I’m holding of yours in my hand, “Hazel”, was that done with Jim?


Jesse Thomas: It was. I’ve actually never really worked with another producer. So…


Scott Feldman: Is this your first and only release?


Jesse Thomas: First and only release, and the full length album… is getting mastered and mixed as we speak.


Scott Feldman: When can we expect that release? This is great, by the way.


Jesse Thomas: Thanks.


Scott Feldman: I dig the tunes very much.


Jesse Thomas: Thank you much. I enjoy them as well. I mean, I listen to ‘em every day.


Scott Feldman: I totally interrupted you, I’m sorry. When is the full length coming out?


Jesse Thomas: The full length is coming out, hopefully, I have a CD Release Show at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles, October 15th. So, hopefully it’s done by then.


Scott Feldman: I would hope so, yeah.

Jesse Thomas: If not, we’re gonna have to come up with a great excuse. But I’m hoping by then, it’s done.


Scott Feldman: How did you get into the whole, kind of, hipster LA Hotel Café circuit?


Jesse Thomas: It’s funny. First of all, thank you for calling me a hipster, that’s awesome. Secondly, …


Scott Feldman: Look at you, you’re wearing shorts and green shoes, you’re like a total hipster.


Jesse Thomas: Yeah, pretty legit. I forgot my think grim glasses that I don’t need. But there is a lot of people at Hotel Café that you either super hipster or you look super homeless or you look like a mountain man. And I happen to like to fall into the homeless category.


Scott Feldman: Okay.


Jesse Thomas: I know I look more put together than homeless person right now, but typically you can see my toes through my shoe.


Scott Feldman: That feels pretty homeless.


Jesse Thomas: Yeah, I enjoy it. Makes me feel very comfortable.


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Scott Feldman: And how did you get into that homeless scene?


Jesse Thomas: I played there, and then I got introduced to the guy that books Marko, and he… it took me a while to be able to play there, because they’re such a great venue and everyone’s trying to get in there and I lucked out and they finally gave me a couple of slots and then I caught Marko, actually got to catch one of my shows one night, and just really enjoyed it and now I have a great working relationship with him. He hooked me up with a gig at South by South West, he’s got me playing Sunset Junction, actually, I think, next week, the 20th…


Scott Feldman: They have their own little showcase there, right?


Jesse Thomas: Yeah, Hotel Café it’s, since, it’s kind of nationally known as this great singer/songwriter venue in Los Angeles. It has a lot of respect. So these big festivals, often times, asking to have the stage and do his own lineup. And it’s always wildly successful. I think that’s the second time I’ve said wildly successful.


Scott Feldman: It’s working for you, just roll with it. What’s your favorite track on this EP.


Jesse Thomas: My favorite track is probably “Say Hello”, though I really like to sing live, “Blank Page”. “Say hello” is got this, kind of, Americano feel that probably is where my heart is in music and I don’t always write that type of music though when I…


Scott Feldman: I think it’s at least moderately present on most of it though.


Jesse Thomas: Yeah, and the new record most definitely has plenty of it.


Scott Feldman: Really?


Jesse Thomas: There’s mandolin and banjo and it’s awesome. Thank you.


Scott Feldman: So, how did you get on the radar of Starbucks ‘Pick of the Week’. I mean, how does that happen?


Jesse Thomas: I think with some luck and definitely a lot of hard work we… you know what, maybe not even hard work.


Scott Feldman: More luck?


Jesse Thomas: No, here’s the thing. A lot of people in this business think: how can I do this, how can I make this happen for me? And, a lot of times, just like, just do it. Like, figure it out. Sometimes just a matter of taking five seconds to e-mail somebody might change your life, and no one does it because they’re just, like, they don’t weanna put the effort in. It’s ridiculous. It was a matter of just… we had an idea, my producer and I, who works as my manager, and my everything, sidekick, he … I was working with the guys at TuneCore who distributed me digitally on iTunes. And they featured me as “New and Noteworthy” and also on the “Artist Indie Spotlight”, which was two great promotions for nothing, these guys just dug it, and we wanted to know more about what they do… because that’s smart. When people work for somebody, you follow up with them so obviously, that’s what we did, and they happened to be…


Scott Feldman: You’re giving good career advice right now…


Jesse Thomas: Well, I just wanna help, I just wanna help people.


Scott Feldman: It’s good, you’re a nice person.


Jesse Thomas: I’m gonna start a camp, it’s $100 an hour.


Scott Feldman: It sounds like you just wanna help.


Jesse Thomas: No, I did when my music friends were like “How did you do that”… “Just ask around, you’ll figure it out”. But, anyway, we just talked to those dudes and, they happen to know the Starbucks people, and we sent in a song, they told us it’s a long shot. And then, you know, four months later we were in Starbucks.


Scott Feldman: That’s awesome. Do you have anything coming up aside from this record, album release, that you wanna plug to our listeners really quickly?


Jesse Thomas: You know what, that’s pretty much it. I’m very excited about this C. I’m putting all my eggs into that CD release basket. And I hope people come to the CD Release Show October 15th. I’m not really playing now until then, except Sunset Junction and it’s a 10 to12 song piece of art that I put everything I have into it, and a lot of work, and a lot of arguments with my producer.


Scott Feldman: Are you going to get to play the whole record at the release?


Jesse Thomas: I don’t know… probably not. Probably just eight or nine.


Scott Feldman: Any chance you wanna play us a track right now?


Jesse Thomas: Sure.


Scott Feldman: You don’t have to.


Jesse Thomas: I can do it.


Scott Feldman: I feel like you feel a little blindsided right now.


Jesse Thomas: Yeah, asshole, thanks for that.


Scott Feldman: That was hurtful, first of all.


Jesse Thomas: First of all…


Scott Feldman: Second of all, you don’t have to play us a track.


Jesse Thomas: First of all, I’m a diva and you have to let divas know…


Scott Feldman: First of all, I think you should tell our listeners that you forgot about this interview and texted me an hour after it was supposed to start.


Jesse Thomas: That’s why…


Scott Feldman: Let’s tell them about that.


Jesse Thomas: Let’s tell them also that you tried to book this meeting with me at a bar.


Scott Feldman: That’s only because I e-mailed you several times and got no response.


Jesse Thomas: No, you didn’t.


Scott Feldman: Your producer disagrees with you.


Jesse Thomas: Did you e-mail him?


Scott Feldman: Mhm.


Jesse Thomas: Okay, well, then it’s his fault.


Scott Feldman: No, no, but I e-mailed both of you and he acknowledges that I e-mailed both of you.


Jesse Thomas: Whatever, I win. I’m the artist.


Scott Feldman: You are the artist, you win.


Jesse Thomas: Thank you.


Scott Feldman: You wanna play us a song?


Jesse Thomas: Yes.


Scott Feldman: Okay.


Jesse Thomas: Just to make it up to you. So, I’m gonna play asong that I wrote on my new record. And this is special, I haven’t even… you should feel…


Scott Feldman: I do feel special.


Jesse Thomas: Yes, so you better not be mad that I forgot about this meeting.


Scott Feldman: I feel like you’re making up for it right now.


Jesse Thomas: I am because this is new. No one’s heard this. So this song is called “Sidewalk Ends” and it’s on my new record.




Scott Feldman: Thank you for playing that, that was fantastic.


Jesse Thomas: You’re welcome.


Scott Feldman: And thank you for coming. I really appreciate it.


Jesse Thomas: Sure, man, thanks for having me.


Scott Feldman: Sure. Anything else or are you good?


Jesse Thomas: I wanna go get some coffee.


Scott Feldman: Ok, you go get some coffee, thanks for coming again.


Jesse Thomas: Thank you so much.


Scott Feldman: Alright. Bye-bye.


Jesse Thomas: See you.


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