Tim Westwood repeatedly exhibits his British hip-hop DJ douchebaggery by forcing white rappers like Asher Roth and Machine Gun Kelly to freestyle over Eminem beats on his BBC Radio 1 show.  Although every Caucasian rapper likely owes some thanks to Marshall Mathers, none wants to be pigeon-holed as copying his style or otherwise too-closely compared to Eminem.

Eminem’s beats are also underrepresented on mixtapes and free tracks from younger artists (probably because Eminem so clearly destroyed most of his classic beats with his own lyrics).  That’s why it was both unusual and refreshing when Angel Haze (who’s neither white nor male, I should mention) released her own version of Eminem’s “Cleaning Out My Closet.”

It’s tough to top the original song’s blunt tales of Mathers’ strained relationship with his mother, but Haze does a damn good job of coming close.  The rapper barely pauses to breathe during the song’s 4:35 duration, in which she chillingly describes the sexual assault and subsequent angst and confusion that occurred during her younger years.  By the end of the song, Haze emerges more confident and comfortable with herself.  But the way she so intriguingly and honestly takes the listener through the lyrical journey of her dark past is something few MCs since Marshall himself have been able to accomplish.

Check out the song below.

Angel Haze Cleaning Out My Closet by fuckraeen


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