Well, here’s something strange.  Today footage surfaced on YouTube of Kanye West and Rhymefest’s never-picked-up comedy pilot Alligator Boots. The show, it appears, was shot in 2009 – pre-VMA meltdown.  The show looks like mostly sketch comedy presented in a live-actors-meet-puppets format (the pilot was produced by Jimmy Kimmel’s Jackhole Productions and the puppets are very similar to those from his old Crank Yankers show).  From the video, it’s not a mystery why this thing never saw the light of day: it plays like a television-show’s worth of hip-hop skits.  Kanye appears as the first of what would be weekly guests – a live rapper or comedian who would come to visit the behind the scenes world of Rhymefest’s character, a pig who is also a rapper but who most people don’t recognize as a pig unless they are “really smart”, or something.  Whatever, as I said, it’s mostly comedy with the clarity and cleverness of the laziest rap skits (e.g. a super hero who has to save the day – but not before he hits that blunt!)  Kanye stiffly pokes fun at his oversized ego in the same way that everyone with an oversized ego does – he doesn’t, really.  Kim Kardashian makes an appearance in a Princess Leia slave-girl outfit: “I’m really Kim Kardashian, but today I’m supposed to be Princess Leia,” she explains, helpfully.  It’s a surreal ten minutes to watch, particularly the interviews with puppeteers and producers who gush about how funny the whole thing is when certainly they must be aware that, no, it’s not.  Regardless, it’s a bizarre look at what could have been. Check it out below:

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