Caveman is primitive by name alone.  Their music is wholeheartedly post-2010.  Like Atomsphere once said, “I don’t know what that means, but I know that I mean it.”  Speaking of Atmosphere, atmospheric is an adjective that accurately describes the sound of “In The City,” the new single from Caveman’s forthcoming self-titled album.  It’s synth-driven and features a complex rhythm section, evoking bands like Grizzly Bear and Local Natives.  Or a male version of Beach House.  The intricate guitar melodies towards the end of the song accentuate the synths and soaring melodies, making this quite the pleasant little ditty.

Based on several interviews with the band, its members really love New York City (the town in which they grew up, unlike the swarms of individuals that have flocked to join the Brooklyn music scene in recent years).  “In The City,” therefore, is likely a reference to New York City, although it’s extremely annoying when New Yorkers refer to NYC as “the city,” as if we’re supposed to know what they’re talking about.  Other cities exist, you elitist assholes.

Anyways, those of us non-New Yorkers can forgive Caveman for their allegiance to the Big Apple, as it apparently is inspiring them to write some damn good songs.  Caveman is the follow-up to the band’s debut album Coco Beware, and it’s scheduled to be released via Fat Possum on April 2nd.  Check out “In The City” below.

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