With the outpour of music from the U.S.’s biggest cities, sometimes it’s tough to remember that there are great bands in smaller towns throughout the country and world making awesome music.  Vibrant local scenes usually only make it to the forefront of American consciousness if one of their bands breaks through to the mainstream.  The smaller bands are then more well known (the trickle-up effect?).  Stereogum writer Tom Breihan recently pointed to a video by The Invisible Hand, a pop-punkish band from his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Charlottesville is most notable for its acclaimed school, The University of Virginia.  It’s also delivered a slew of talented musicians throughout the years, most notably Dave Matthews.

According to Breihan, The Invisible Hand are “probably the city’s biggest indie band at the moment.”  They show promise of being able to appeal to a much wider audience than Charlottesville’s ~100,000 population, as their brand of music is similar to that of The Smith Westerns or Jeff The Brotherhood.  Catchy tracks with well-sung lyrics and a ramped-up punk energy.  The band has tour dates alongside groups like Diarrhea Planet and The Babies, two more bands that also fit closely with their sound and style.

Check out the video for the band’s “Psychic Cat” below.

Invisible Hand – Psychic Cat from Hibernator Gigs on Vimeo.


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