The recording relationship between all star hip-hop artists Murs and 9th Wonder supposedly ends on November 13th, with the release of their final collaborative album— The Final Adventure. It’s unlikely, of course, that 9th Wonder will never produce another Murs beat.  But their days of releasing full-length albums together are allegedly done.

In anticipation for that album, the duo has released the video for the song entitled “Funeral For A Killer.”  The song is appropriately themed for this strange midweek (two weekend?) Halloween extravaganza that the United States is experiencing, as the artists rock Dia De Los Muertos-style face paint and hang out around a graveyard.  Murs’s hat simply says “FUNERAL” in block letters.  In his verses, the rapper contemplates whether or not its okay to mourn the death of someone that killed other people.  As usual, thought-provoking and complex lyricism from the artist.  The video and subject matter are kinda creepy yet, as this duo always manages to make their songs, super catchy.  The Final Adventure is definitely a project worth picking up this month.  Check out the video below.


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