Electronic music fans can easily last through an 8-hour rave, dancing to beats and watching the lights for hours without pause (drugs aren’t always involved with this type of fandom, either, despite popular opinion).  Yet a single DJ is typically only onstage for a couple hours, especially at the big festivals and concerts.  Even in smaller clubs, multiple DJs tend to make delivering the night’s musical entertainment a tag team effort.

Dan Snaith is no ordinary DJ.  The musician is more commonly known as Caribou, the artist responsible for 2010’s catchiest chillwave tune “Odessa” (and the strong album Swim).  Yet the artist has also released music under the titles Manitoba and Daphni.  The latter project is the latest to release new music, this time in the form of an album entitled Jiaolong.

That album was released last month and, to celebrate the occasion, Daphni performed a 7.5 hour DJ set at the Bussey Building in London.  7.5 hours.  A dance musician giving the dancers what they want.  A festival-length set from one artist.

Of course, the song begins with an Ethiopian jazz piano tune from Tsegue-maryam Guebrou, so this isn’t straight up dance music for 7.5 hours.  You gotta have some variety.

Daphni also recorded the entire set (yes, ALL 7.5 hours of it) and made it available for streaming and download in two parts via SoundCloud.

No word on whether or not the DJ let some songs play out longer so he could take a bathroom break.  Check out the recordings below.  As the artist said himself via Twitter— “it’s LONG.”

Daphni – 7.5 hr DJ Mix – Live from the Bussey Building. Oct 5, 2012. Part I by Caribouband

Daphni – 7.5 hr DJ Mix – Live from the Bussey Building. Oct 5, 2012. Part II by Caribouband

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