On January 20th, 2010, I started a business and, very soon after that, a Facebook fan page. This was free and easy to do. As I understood at the time, this would be a place where my business’ community would one day be able to engage with us and each other.

Later that year, we launched our website.  We were invited, as is nearly everybody, to use Facebook Connect, an amazingly simple way to let the near billion Facebook members become members of our site in a single click, thereby giving us a means to contact them, and enough information about them to make their experience more personalized.

The following year, you would invite us to discuss various partnership opportunities with your management team.  We would meet several people at Facebook whose roles were important, but whose titles mostly escape me.  They would tell us all about the things we could do with Facebook.  We would ultimately be invited to be a launch partner of Facebook Open Graph.

In September, you stood in a packed meeting hall, and in front of a massive online audience, and announced Open Graph.  You put our logo up and I received emails of congratulations from friends and colleagues.  We got tens of thousands of users to our website that day.  A couple of record labels we had been trying to work with contacted us and added their music to Earbits.  I have yet to receive a bill for this service.

We now have 35,000 Facebook fans who engage with us regularly.  We have over 130,000 registered users through Facebook connect.  We have received over 207,000 visitors from Facebook, that we know of.  We paid for none of this.

And, in addition to all you’ve done for our business, your “social utility” has let me see pictures of cousins’ kids I don’t get to visit, and friends I would have long ago fallen out of touch with.  You have also delivered entertainment, a greater understanding of the people around me, and a constant feed of interesting information from the people I meet every day.  I’ll be damned if this wasn’t free as well.

So, just in case anybody wants to give you shit, just know that there are some people who appreciate your efforts.

Joey Flores
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