With Earbits releasing their new and improved Playlists on Android, I decided it was time to put together a list of my favorite tracks on the platform. After all, I’ve got 100+ Favorites, and having them organized into a Playlist would really make it easy to rock on-demand. I figured I’d spend ten minutes slapping together the songs I have marked over the years, and voila! 240 minutes of perfectly-curated music that will be my go-to soundtrack for months to come. Right?

Two hours later, I had added five songs, and couldn’t decide on which way to go with it. I was stuck. Do I go for a mood-based Playlist? Do I just add the songs I really like, regardless of genre? How many Diego’s Umbrella tracks are too many? All of these questions ran through my head, and it made me start to think about other people and their list-creation methods. What do others consider when making their Playlists?

Playlists on Earbits Android

I finally had a small Playlist, with dozens of songs swapped in and out and moved up and down in the ordering. I landed on ten great tracks that I listen to almost every day. Below is my Playlist. Did you create an awesome Playlist on Earbits, and want to share it with us? Email randy @ earbits.com with your list, and we may use it in a future blog post. Enjoy the end result of what was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. 😛

1. “Weatherman” – Dead Sara

Dead Sara

Gotta start it off hot. This band is one of my favorite discoveries on Earbits. We all picked posters to frame and hang in the Earbits offices, and mine is a Dead Sara poster. That says it all.

2. “Part Time Romeo” – Kepi Ghoulie

Kepi Ghoulie











Being a Sacramento native, Kepi Ghoulie, of Groovie Ghoulies fame, is on the list, for sure. He’s huge in the music scene and does a lot to further punk rock (and art) around Sacramento, and wherever he goes.

3. “Reform School Girl” – Nick Curran & The Lowlifes










Nick Curran was an extremely talented guitarist with one of the coolest styles around. He lost a fight to cancer in 2012, and his music is missed. I listen to most of this album almost daily, so it fits.

4. “The Gold Coast” – Local Hero

Local Hero











This was an easy choice. Local Hero fits nicely here following Curran & Co. Local Hero is one of the hidden gems I uncovered on Earbits. “The Gold Coast” is such a cool song from top to bottom, and a refreshing style from such youngsters.

5. “Since You Went Away” – Sweetwater & The Satisfaction

Sweetwater & The Satisfaction










I have probably listened to this song 200 times. I love this band and their style – a lot of bands try the retro soul sound and fail miserably. Sweetwater & The Satisfaction does it perfectly with a modern edge. Also, the band features fellow Earbits team member and resident good-guy, Scott Feldman.

6. “Sasquatch” – Billy Midnight

Billy Midnight










Time to turn it back up. More than likely, I’m tired at my desk right now, and will need a pickup. The guitar playing of Billy Shaddox is just the kick in the ass I need to get motivated, and finish strong. Track six of the Playlist features one of my long-time favs, and a song that brings back some great memories.

7. “Hold On” – Alabama Shakes

Alabama Shakes











What can I say, Alabama Shakes are one of the best bands playing these days. Both of their albums are insane, and the talent of Brittany Howard is almost overwhelming.

8. “The Alma Mater” – The ’87 Stick Up Kids

The '87 Stick Up Kids











These guys are a lot of fun. A throwback style and reminiscent of the stuff I grew up listening to. The whole album, Out 4 Fame,  is solid, and gets played on ‘repeat’ when I’m in the mood for hip hop.

9. “I Feel Ya Strutter” – Of Montreal

Of Montreal












If you are in a bad mood, play this song and wait three to four minutes. You’ll be cured. It’s quirky and weird and fantastic. I use it as a pick-me-up, and it does the trick every time.

10. “Thrash Mexican Budapest” – Diego’s Umbrella

Diego's Umbrella










The show always has to close with this song. Probably my favorite band on the planet, this song is the fitting end to my first playlist. With it’s epic crescendo at the tail-end, there is no better way to go out. Thanks for listening, and be sure to pass along any of your Playlists that you are particularly proud of! Download the Earbits app on Android and iOS.

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