When a simple site or portion of an existing site releases something that provides mindless, addicting entertainment, the internet finds out about it quickly.  Today, Drinkify spread around internet news sites rapidly for that exact reason.

The site provides a simple service.  Type in any band or musician name, and it generates a cocktail that fits the sound and style of that artist.  It also offers a serving suggestion, a few pictures of the band/musician, and one song by the group.

The site includes cocktail recipes for many of the artists that can be found on the numerous Earbits Radio stations.  Type in Deer Tick, for instance, and it’ll suggest a tall glass of good ol’ American-brewed PBR garnished with pickled asparagus to accompany the indie folk rock group (listen to Deer Tick on Earbits here).

Steve Martin?  One red stripe, served cold and garnished with a twist of orange (listen to Steve Martin on Earbits here).

Big George Jackson?  4 oz. Bottled water, 4 oz. Red Bull, and 8 oz. Iced tea, a nice non-alcoholic treat (listen to Big George Jackson on Earbits here).

Lubriphonic?  1 oz. Moonshine, 1 oz. Coco López, 1 bottle Ice Cream, combined in a highball glass and garnished with a wedge of watermelon (listen to Lubriphonic on Earbits here).

The list goes on.  It’s not entirely clear how these cocktails are generated, but apparently it combines information from The Echo Nest, Last.fm, and a Drinkify database in order to craft a fitting cocktail and popular song for each artist based on several factors.

There are also humorous results from other popular artists.  Type in Martin Luther King, for instance, and you’ll have a recommendation to drink “6 oz. blood” as a clip of the “I Have A Dream” speech plays (not entirely sure about the connection there).

Type in Skrillex and you’ll be suggested to consume “4 oz. Marijuana,” served “on rocks” and garnished “with cocktail onions”  (Nirvana results in “10 oz. Marijuana” garnished with “pickled carrot sticks”).

Type in “Say Hi To Your Mom” and you’ll be instructed to drink 8 oz. of tears.

Miles Davis results in “1 oz. Heroin.”

Miley Cyrus results in an age-appropriate “10 oz. Red Bull.”

I’m sure there are several other humorous cocktails that have yet to be discovered.

If you’re feeling lonely while listening to Earbits Radio, head over to Drinkify and type in whatever artist is playing.  You’re bound to find some interesting recommendations.

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