by Benjamin Kimo Twichell

Some of us love our sleep; others detest the daily necessity of powering off. But either way, most every night, you are lured into a heavy slumber. There are five stages of sleep, all distinctly different sections of a single process. Earbits Radio is here to take you through each stage of that journey.

Stage 1 – Theta Waves

“You Are The Ocean” by Phantogram

Stage one begins the sleep cycle. It is the threshold between wakefulness and sleep. Whether it is your decision or not, you’re lured here, much like Phantogram lures you in with “You Are The Ocean”. Just like stage one sleep, the melodic rhythm and twang of strings pulls you in. Soft lyrics seal the deal and energy rises. Before your possible slumber ends as a brief, unsatisfying nap, the energy is lowered and you cross the threshold to stage two.

Stage 2 – Sleep Spindles

“Shrink Proof” by Wicked Boy

The second stage of sleep is upon you. As you plummet from your semi conscious state into a deep trance, your body produces rapid, rhythmic brain wave activity know as sleep spindles. Wicked Boy’s “Shrink Proof” embodies the journey, with rhythm as your guide. The road to stage three is filled with foreign feelings, choppy sounds, and upbeat kicks. You are forced to just go with the flow.

Stage 3 – Delta Waves

“What Makes It Go” by Seepeoples

Your energy continues to be sapped away as you enter stage three. Delta waves begin to emerge. A calm comes over you, much like that of Seepeoples’ “What Makes It Go”. Analogous with “Shrink Proof” only a stage ago, rhythm is guide. Unlike stage two, you’re not pushed forward, but you flow onward backed by a soothing vocal harmony.

Stage 4 – Delta Sleep

“Wake Up” by DFRNT

Don’t let the title of this track confuse you. You are in deep sleep. Your journey has taken you into a profound trance. Ironically named, “Wake Up”, represents the ebb and flow of your sleep. Virtually nothing is happening, but you are not totally stagnant. The sounds created by DFRNT for this gem shouldn’t be described, but experienced.

Stage 5 – Rapid Eye Movement (REM)

“Guitar & Your Silence (Ft. Arbol)” by Microfeel

The final stage of sleep is the most important, yet the most hectic. Microfeel stirs you from your stupor with layers of Spanish style string pluck work. As the track continues, other sounds fill your ears. Perhaps the tick of a clock? You don’t know, but you accept it as fact, for you are in dreamland. Finally as emotions seem to be rising, you drift out of dreamland back into the consciousness of the real world.

We hope you have enjoyed your journey through Dream Land on Earbits Radio!

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