We have perhaps our biggest company news yet.

Today, Facebook announced the launch of their much anticipated Music platform, and we’re excited and proud to announce that Earbits is one of the few companies that Facebook has teamed up with to make music more social.

Now, songs our users listen to on Earbits will be published to Facebook in a seamless, beautiful and digestible format.  Friends will be able to see what each other have listened to, what channel it was in, who the song is by and more.  And when something looks interesting, they can easily click on that artist or song and listen to it right away.  It’s going to make it that much easier for Earbits listeners to enjoy music together with friends, and spread the word about the music they discover using the largest social platform in the world.

But as you know, Earbits is about discovery, converting listeners into fans, and helping bands and labels sell their music, live show tickets and more.  So Earbits on Facebook has some exciting features that help ensure Earbits stays true to its roots.  For example, while we want users to be able to explore music freely, we have made it so that users can only click on a song and listen to it one time.  We believe this helps encourage people to make more music purchases.  If they click on the song again, we link them directly to iTunes or Amazon to make the purchase.  Earbits is not about creating an on-demand music service that discourages people from buying albums – we are creating a highly social, music discovery platform that encourages people to support artists by buying the music they and their friends enjoy together.

Here is a peak at how Earbits listening shows up on Facebook.

There are all kinds of other features and exciting ways to explore music using the new Facebook Music applications.  We expect that you’ll discover the ways you enjoy exploring music the most over time.

We also believe that Earbits on Facebook is going to dramatically increase the audience size and engagement we will be able to offer our partners, and it’s going to make listening to music on Earbits that much more fun and social.  It makes learning what music your friends like so easy and fun that every fan is bound to generate one more, and so on.

We encourage our listeners, partners and friends to come back to Earbits and check out this amazing new feature.

Joey Flores
CEO, earbits.com
[email protected]
Listen at www.earbits.com
Connect with us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/earbits
Listen on iPhone: itunes.apple.com/us/app/earbits-radio/id397894402
Twitter: @earbits

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