Well, Happy Anniversary, Earbits.  You’re lookin’ good, kid.

A year ago today we launched the real Earbits website; before that it was just a blog.  Everyone said we wouldn’t be able to get content without an audience, and vice versa.  But a year ago today we entered the scene with 8 sexy channels of music – no hip hop, no electronic, no pop, no metal, and no audience.  8 little channels, and an announcement to friends and family.

Funky Like an Old Batch of Collard Greens

Eventually, we launched one of my favorite channels – Funk.  And over the course of weeks, I feel in love with The Macpodz, Lubriphonic, On the One, and others.  But, while my love affair with the bands stayed strong, I longed for other channels as well, and we didn’t have many other channels I liked.  I also heard some songs too often, as the catalog was small.  But we had some listeners.

Earbits Turns 100

Now, Earbits has over 100 channels of music, each packed with plenty of artists to keep you going for a long time.  We have thousands of artists, and tens of thousands of tracks.  Does it compare to Myspace’s millions of artists?  It sure does, because on Earbits, you won’t hear a single bad band and we believe quality counts.  They’re all fantastic.  We don’t have millions, just thousands of the best.  Track after track is high quality music from artists you really ought to know.

Aging Like Fine Wine

What sparked this blog post?  It wasn’t our anniversary, actually.  It was the progressive rock channel, a channel that’s only been live for a short few months.  As I listened today, I realized that I had only heard one or two of the bands before, and I have been listening to this station regularly for awhile now.  It’s getting more diverse, with continually better bands, and I found myself today marveling at what a nice experience it was.  On any given day I can turn on one of a hundred channels, from progressive rock, to progressive metal, from soul to southern hip hop.  And they’re all fantastic.

Earbits is not going to be an overnight success.  It started with a few good seeds, grew into delicious grapes, has turned into a wonderful cocktail, and it’s getting better every day.

Indeed, Earbits is aging like fine wine.  So please, take a sip, take as many as you want.  There’s a lot more where this came from.

Joey Flores
CEO, earbits.com
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