In November, we announced that we were going to start helping Spectra Records find talent to sign to their label.  Since Earbits already screens thousands of bands for online radio and has a great reputation for maintaining high quality, Spectra asked us to be responsible for reviewing any bands that are interested in being on their label.  From there, the qualifying bands are asked to do a bit of self promotion and, once they’ve proven they have a minimum amount of hustle, we forward them to Spectra to review.

Well, it’s now April and we’ve sent 70 bands to Spectra for consideration.  Of that, we are beyond excited to say that Spectra is now exploring a deal with 15 of the bands we found and several we’ve talked to have already said they plan to move forward with the deal.  One who has already signed onto the label is one of my favorite pop artists on Earbits, Sebastian Portillo.

This is just another example of how we like to create win-win partnerships that provide incredible value to our artists.  Reviewing bands is something we already do well, so doing it for Spectra isn’t extra work for us and it takes the burden off of their team, letting them focus on their existing roster.  In addition to helping them out, we also get more artists coming to Earbits as a result, which is great for us and our listeners.

We want to congratulate Sebastian and all of the other artists that become partners with Spectra Records.

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