If you missed the first ever Earbits Presents, you missed a little slice of history. Not only was it a night of great bands and an awesome crowd, but it was all for a great cause; raising money for the Fender Music Foundation. As the guy on the Earbits team who probably had the least amount of actual work to do besides getting on stage and talking shit that night, I had the privilege of seeing the whole night unfold. If you weren’t there, fret not, here’s a recap.

Alana Sweetwater:

The room was packed, the stage was set (with an amazing Earbits banner, btw) and Yotam’s magic top hat was in full effect. After Joey kicked the night off with an introduction to Earbits and the Fender Music Foundation I had the honor of introducing Alana Sweetwater. With a four-piece including our own Scott Feldman (keys, guitar), she brought this steamy blend of folk, blues, pop and even a little hip-hop sensibility. Heartfelt performance, witty banter and soulful style all fit her like a glove and I, for one, was definitely mesmerized. The lady’s got soul and starpower, keep an eye out for her. Alana was the perfect way to open the night.

The Soul of John Black:

These guys were so hungry to rock, I didn’t even get a chance to introduce them. But it’s JB soooooo…… he kind of didn’t really need one. The guy’s a legend (read: Fishbone, Miles Davis and Everlast). And the music of The Soul of John Black spoke for itself, at once groovy, smooth and danceable. At one point there was some kind of ska-soul-train-line moshpit hybrid going on in front of the stage. The funk was undeniable, and the hats were awesome. On top of that, the whole band look like various family members of mine, so I wanted to hug them all and play Bid Whist with them after the set. My wife’s favorite band of the night, The Soul of John Black killed it.

Rafael Moreira’s Magnetico:

I think Rafael would probably be the nastiest guitarist I’ve ever seen live if I hadn’t witnessed Buddy Guy giving Keith Richards a tutorial on stage at a Stones show some years back. That being said, Rafael Moreira and Magnetico brought the octane. Fresh off of rocking Brazil, I think they were used to audiences screaming wildly, crowd surfing and eating fire. The crowd at Molly’s was a little more mellow. So, like true showsmiths, they launched into a mini-Hendrix tribute near the end of the set to get everyone’s adrenaline back to respectable, unhealthy levels. It was a great way to end the night, and I felt honored to introduce such an esteemed musician that I’m sure will go down in history as one of the best to have ever done it.

Good times all night long, the merch table was poppin, the donation bucket was getting fed and the house was packed!! Congrats to the Earbits Mafia for a job well done, especially for it to be just the first one. That’ll be a night I won’t soon forget, and I can’t wait until the next one. Maybe by then I’ll be drinking again, and things will get really interesting….

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