On Saturday, October 15th Earbits will host its first of many “Earbits LA Presents” concerts at Molly Malone’s on South Fairfax.  The concert will raise money for the Fender Music Foundation.  Tickets are also incredibly affordable for such a strong lineup.  As if you really need further convincing to spend a night out in Los Angeles supporting local music for charity, below is a list of the groups performing at the show.  If you like what you see/hear, be sure to pick up tickets via eventbrite in advance: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2213271956

Rafael Moreira in Magnetico

Rafael Moreira is one of the most well-established and respected guitarists in the music industry.  The Brazilian musician has worked and performed with many prominent artists across numerous genres, including KISS, Jane’s Addiction, and Pink.  Moreira is also a member of the rock power-trio Magnetico, a group in which his exceptional guitar and vocal proficiency is accentuated by strong drums and bass.  Check out the following video of Magnetico performing @ The Bohemian Society Party for a taste of what you’ll be able to experience at the Earbits show.  And click here to listen to Rafael Moreira on Earbits Radio!

Magnetico | Myspace Music Videos


Alana Sweetwater

A certain style is typically evoked by the term singer/songwriter— namely quiet-voiced, soft-strummed acoustic guitar-based coffeehouse music.  Singer/songwriter Alana Sweetwater takes that convention and turns it on its head.  Her music is as raw and intimate as fellow artists aligned with the same genre, but the volume and intensity are extremely amplified.  Sweetwater has a voice that rivals the great soul-influenced singers of recent history— Joplin, Staples, even Winehouse.  Her voice and lyrics also possess a certain uniqueness, accentuated by their overwhelming power.  Click here to listen to Alana Sweetwater on Earbits Radio!

The Soul of John Black

The Soul of John Black seamlessly blends rock, funk, soul, R&B, blues, jazz and hip-hop.  If that sounds like just about every guitar-based genre that’s because it pretty much is, and frontman John Bigham excels at all styles.  Bigham is a former member of LA ska/punk/rock legends Fishbone, a band similarly regarded for their ability to cross and blend genres into a unique sound.  The Soul Of John Black also crafts compelling storytelling-style lyrics, and Bigham’s soulful voice commands that people listen.  Click here to listen to The Soul of John Black on Earbits Radio!

Click here to listen to the lineup on Earbits Radio. We hope to see you at the show.

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