We are excited to announce a big improvement to the Earbits service.

Last year, we generated over 70,000 fans for our artists through Earbits Radio. Today we’re launching something that we think is going to dramatically increase the results we’ll be able to provide to our artists and labels. We think this news is exciting and that you’re going to want the full scoop, but if you want the short version, just read the bold parts.

Check out the new Earbits!

All artist profiles will now have mailing signup capabilities so that our users can give you their email address.

As of today, all artists will be able to collect mailing list signups. These email addresses will be found in your account, and can be exported in an Excel file. These are real people interested in hearing from you, so be sure to get your mailing list signups and engage them!

We are enhancing our radio-esque experience with new features that let users save favorite songs, browse discographies and play tracks and albums.

Our users are consistently telling us that they discover great new music on Earbits, but they want to dig deeper and hear more tracks from the artists they discover. Sometimes they are not sure if they want to become a fan or join a mailing list until they hear more from an artist. We’re losing this opportunity to generate more fans for our clients. The same thing happens when the listener comes back tomorrow and wants to revisit the awesome track they heard yesterday. Repetition breeds familiarity, and that’s what’s going to turn these listeners into die hard fans. We need to enable these users to engage with the music more, and these new features are going to let them do that. Soon we’ll allow users to browse recommendations by other users, as well as save playlists. For the sake of clarity, we are not giving away any downloads of music.

We are launching a new social currency called Groovies. Users earn Groovies by doing things that help artists and labels.

We founded Earbits with one mission – help artists with marketing by creating a streaming service that engages consumers with artists directly. Groovies are our way of encouraging our users to support the bands they discover. Recommending a song to a friend earns 100 Groovies. Joining fan pages and mailing lists earns 50 Groovies. In the future, users might earn Groovies when buying music and merchandise, or by checking into live shows. Bands may be able to track their top supporters and setup loyalty programs. Groovies open up a ton of possibilities for engaging users and tying a value to anything they do that helps artists build their careers, and we hope to roll out many new ways for users to earn Groovies by helping our content owners.

Users spend 10 Groovies anytime they play tracks on-demand.

We wanted to make sure that giving listeners more control over their experience created even more value for artists and labels, which is the motivation behind the Groovies system. As users play tracks, queue them up, and so on, they use up the Groovies they earn. Not only does this guarantee that content owners on Earbits will get value from the use of their music, but it increases the perceived value of streaming music to the consumer. It’s not free music. It’s paid for by taking valuable actions that benefit artists. Social media awareness and contactable fans are just the first step of what we can encourage through Groovies.

This is the next phase in turning Earbits into a better service that creates incredible value for artists and labels.

We truly believe that these features are going to take Earbits to the next level in terms of audience engagement, and creating more value for our labels and bands. If you have feedback or questions about the new features, or Earbits in general, please reach out and talk to us. We value your feedback, and your comments allow us to build a better service.

As always, thank you so much for your faith in our team and the vision of Earbits. We value our clients and partners.

Joey Flores
(855) EAR-BITS (327-2487)


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