The Earbits team is extremely proud to announce what we believe is one of the industry’s most technologically-advanced online radio innovations yet.

Recently, Jordan Crook of TechCrunch touted Songza as the new rising star of radio with its mood and activity-based stations.  But since Pandora went public on the New York Stock Exchange, our team has been collaborating with leading technologists and financial analysts to build a complex music-selection algorithm that chooses music based on Pandora’s stock price and profitability forecast.  The result is the first playlisting algorithm that not only predicts the future financial success of one of the world’s largest music companies, but selects the perfect songs for users to listen to based on the behemoth’s financial outlook.

Listen to Pandora Stock Trend Radio Here!

I have been listening to the channel all morning and it appears to be highly-effective.  Here are just a few of the songs our algorithm identified as a fit with Pandora’s current financial outlook:

No Money, No Honey by Jackie Payne Steve Edmonson Band

Rock Bottom – by Dave Evans

Ain’t Gotta Dime – by Boo Boo Davis

Broke & Busted – by The British Columbians

You Can’t Win for Losing – by Arthur Adams

Soon Forgotten – by Hollywood Blue Flames

It seems our crack team of technologists, mathematicians and finance experts have outdone themselves with this exciting new breakthrough.  We want to thank them for their tireless hard work and long hours.  Please stop by and listen to our revolutionary Pandora Stock Trend Radio channel to get a glimpse of the future.

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