There are a few key elements which differentiate Earbits from other online radio platforms.  No ads and commercials, allowing the listeners to skip as much as they like, displaying large photos of the bands and their upcoming shows; these are a few of the things our listeners notice when they land on our site.  But Earbits has another facet, which is the service we provide to our artist and label partners.  Behind the scenes, Earbits is doing a lot of work to provide extra value for our partners.

Licensing Opportunities

Earbits is working with music supervisors, publishers, and other companies who specialize in getting music placement deals for TV, film, and commercials.  Recently we helped an Earbits artist, Maiysha, Grammy-nominated recording artist, get three of her songs placed on a BET movie, Burned.

In this past week alone we’ve submitted dozens of songs for an NBC primetime show, an independent film, and a nationwide commercial.  For the foreseeable future, Earbits has no plans to take commission on these licensing deals.  This is just an added bonus we provide to our bands and labels through long-time industry connections we had before we started Earbits.

Live Events

On October 15th we are hosting our first live concert, with a killer lineup of some of LA’s best artists coming together to raise money for the Fender Music Foundation.  The event will take place at Molly Malone’s, in Los Angeles.  The show will provide an opportunity for the bands to play in front of a packed house and introduce their music to new fans, without having to self promote or bring their own fan base.

Limited amount of tickets are available for sale.  For more information about the show and how to get tickets, visit our Facebook event page.


Recently we started conducting live audio interviews with Earbits bands.  We spoke with double Grammy winner, Mads Tolling (Turtle Island Quartet, Stanley Clarke), Rafael Moreira (lead guitarist / vocalist on the hit CBS television shows Rock Star: INXS), singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno, and a dozen other awesome bands.  These interviews provide a great way for our listeners to learn more about the artists they like, and an opportunity for the artists to talk about the things they care about most.

Creating Connections

We work with thousands of bands, hundreds of labels, and a few publishers.  Labels and publishers are searching for great bands, while bands are searching for labels and publishers.  We are happy to make the introductions and help our partners grow their business.

As Earbits grows we will keep on creating more opportunities to help our bands and labels.  It is the core of our business and the reason we started this company.  If you have ideas on how to add even more value in ways such as these, please drop us a line.

Yotam Rosenbaum
EVP of Music
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