It’s funny how much you update people about your company before you launch, but after you launch, you’re too busy to keep people abreast of all of the great things you’re doing.  Well, we have been kicking ass and taking names on the down low, and now we’re ready to get everybody up to speed. Now Has 18 Channels of Badass Music

As of this morning, we now have 18 channels of fantastic music for you to discover.  When you’re done reading this amazing blog post (note: sarcasm), you can head over and listen to:

Earbits Hits the Road with Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android

We recently heard about this emerging trend called Smart Phones.  Apparently they’re big in Japan and headed for the US.  So, we figured we would stay ahead of the curve by launching what the kids call “apps” for these newfangled devices.  The best news is, they’re free as jaybirds.  Find them in your App Marketplace under, you guessed it… “Earbits”

Affiliate Stations Across the Nation

You probably didn’t know this, but Earbits makes it easy for high quality music websites to have their own radio stations.  We’re currently the driving force behind Country Radio,‘s W Radio, AmpedUp Radio, CountryMusicNewsBlog Radio,’s Country Radio, with more than twice as many stations launching soon.  Feel free to check out the great music playing on these partner websites.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is on Earbits

For those of you who haven’t noticed, you can now buy nearly every album you hear on Earbits through Amazon, many of them at fantastic prices.  So…don’t just say you support independent music – DO IT!  If you hear something you like on Earbits, do you and the band a favor by making their songs your own.

I would say that just about covers it for new developments at Earbits but the truth is that there are even more exciting things bubbling up behind the scenes.  But for now, check out all of these great developments and let us know what you think.  As always…we want to know what would make Earbits better for you too.

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