One of the few true gems to be lifted from this year’s rendition of the annual pile of promotional waste known as SXSW is, a new site founded by Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim and Eric and Reggie Watts.  Those five comedians are using the site as a platform to directly distribute their work, although so far it basically consists of just a few YouTube videos.  I’m still not really sure why the site exists.  But I know that I like it.

One of the videos posted on the site is the new music video for Beach House’s song “Wishes,” from last years album Bloom.  The video was directed by Eric Wareheim (nice to see the other guy from Tim & Eric doing something besides Tim & Eric as well).

A few years ago one of my friends told me about how much he loved Beach House.  The conversation ultimately led to a discussion about female-fronted bands, with my friend arguing heavily in opposition of girl singers (misogyny aside, he claimed that he can’t relate to their lyrics as well).  When I told him that Beach House, in fact, has a female singer, he was incredulous.  He thought Victoria LeGrand was a man.  Admittedly, the singer’s voice does fall on a lower register.  But the gender of the voice doesn’t really matter.  Just the fact that it’s so damn good.

Although none of that information likely registered in Wareheim’s mind, his video for “Wishes” consists of an elderly man belting the lyrics at some strange sporting event.  There’s a lot going on in the clip, and, like itself, it doesn’t totally make sense.  Eric does make use of slow-motion to fit the pace of the track— a much different style than the ultra-quick cuts used for comedic effect on he and Tim’s show.  Eric shows up in the video at one point, too.  Check it out below.

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