Growing up as a son or daughter of a famous musician must be tough.  Tossed unwillingly into the public spotlight, there’s constant pressure to succeed.  While many offspring of famous musicians have done well on their own in the music world— Jakob Dylan, the Marley sons, and Sean Lennon come to mind— here are some sons & daughters who have succeeded by deviating from their parents’ paths.  Happy Father’s Day.

Father: David Bowie

Son: Duncan Jones

While many might have expected Duncan Jones— the son of David Bowie— to use his father’s musical name rather than his birth name (Bowie was born David Robert Jones) to catapult his own career in the music world, he did just the opposite.  Instead, Duncan worked hard on his own to succeed in his own passion— film.  Probably inspired by his father’s acting stints, Jones has directed the successful films Moon and Source Code.

Father: Lloyd Bridges

Son: Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges is most well known for taking after his father, famous actor Lloyd Bridges.  However, as he demonstrated through his critically acclaimed role in the 2009 film Crazy Heart, Jeff is a talented musician.  He released an album entitled Be Here Soon in early 2000, but has been focusing more intently on his musical career this year.  His latest, self-titled album is set to be released in August.

Father:  Bill Hudson

Daughter: Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson might be known primarily as the daughter of famous actress Goldie Hawn, but her father, Bill Hudson, was successful in the music industry.  Along with Brett and Mark Hudson, Bill formed The Hudson Brothers, a group that enjoyed widespread popularity and several Billboard hits throughout the 60s and 70s.  Kate, of course, more closely followed her mother’s career path.


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