During a previously blogged-about trip to the Deep South, Austin, TX charmed me as a sort of safe haven for both the strange and musically-minded.  The city understands that reputation and continuously attempts to live up to it, at least judging by the unavoidable “Keep Austin Weird” souvenirs, shirts, and signs as well as the seemingly constant stream of live music.

Although the city is already known for two great festivals— SXSW in the spring and Austin City Limits in the fall— this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest might just make it the best festival in the United States.

Released today, the lineup consists of four different stages.  There’s an indie rock stage, which features headliners Passion Pitt and Lykke Li.  The most surprising act under that category is 90s alt-rock group Hum, who has only performed together a few times since their official disbandment in 2000.  Also playing on that stage is Jim Ward from Sparta/At The Drive In and Joe Lally from Fugazi.  If only the full formations of those groups were on the bill…

For those who like their music more aggressive, there’s also a punk/metal/hard rock stage.  Headlining that bill, almost unbelievably, are Slayer, The Damned, and Danzig Legacy.  The stage will also feature a reunion of Hot Snakes.  Those that are familiar with the history of harder music should recognize that those groups alone should make for an incredible festival.

The third stage— consisting of hip-hop/dance acts— will be headlined by Public Enemy, Major Lazer and Odd Future.  Even Rakim, one of the most highly respected rappers ever, will be taking the stage in Austin.

The fourth and final stage consists of stand up comedy acts, and will be headlined by spoken-word genius Henry Rollins, Reggie Watts, and Brian Posehn.  Donald Glover will be performing as himself on that stage, and as Childish Gambino on the indie stage.

It’s unusual to see a lineup that not only avoids the repeated and recycled headlining acts that seem to pop up in every city’s festival, but also includes rare and exciting groups like Slayer and Public Enemy.  The artists mentioned above should be enough to encourage the purchase of a Fun Fun Fun Fest ticket, but the rest of the lineup is honestly impressive as well.  Head over to the official site to check it out.

Austin has proven itself as one of the dominating music scenes in the United States, and this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest should nearly put it over the top.

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