News swept around the web this week that garage rock revival heroes The White Stripes had finally broken up. Many took the news lightly, shrugging it off as a shameless PR stunt. Those nay-sayers have a point; the band’s last album, Icky Thump, was released in 2007 and their recent announcement is likely to cause a not-so-coincidental surge in the band’s album sales. And it’s not like we won’t be seeing more of Jack White in his several successful side projects.

No matter their intentions with the somehow-still-shocking announcement, it’s undeniable that Jack and Meg (uh, well… mostly Jack) have been a huge influence on popular music throughout this century. Also, every one knows that Jack White’s one of the best young guitarists around right now.

But if any one out there feels deprived of good garage rock, bands from Detroit, or unique male/female duos, here’s a list of bands that should last you until Jack and White pull a reunion tour PR stunt or The Dead Weather releases a new album. Not all of the following groups are sonically similar to The White Stripes, but they’re related to the band in some way. Kinda like how Meg is at least in some way related to Jack. Enjoy.

Jay Reatard

While the White Stripes have simply disbanded, Jay Reatard has, tragically, passed away. He’s also, however, left behind an abundance of impressive loud and fast garage rock records. While you won’t necessarily be able to trade White Stripes live shows in for the infamously rowdy Reatard shows any time soon, it’s highly reccomended to explore this legend’s prolific catalogue.

The Whigs

This Athens, GA trio isn’t getting nearly the attention that they deserve. Like a less raucous version of The White Stripes, this band is garage rock revival at its finest. Their infectiously catchy single “Kill Me Carolyne” has racked up significant airplay even on prominent platforms such as satellite radio, but this band has the talent and potential to achieve White Stripes-type success.

Jesse Palter and the alter ego

In the White Stripes, Jack led and Meg followed. Or at least attempted to follow along on beat. That’s not the case with this male/female duo, in which extraordinarily talented singer Jesse Palter definitely leads by belting out soulful melodies over member Sam Barsh’s equally as talented piano riffs and backing tracks. Both members are trained musicians, and the talent shows on their jazz infused pop tracks. They may not sound anything like any of Jack White’s work, but they are a male/female duo and Palter does hail from White’s native Detroit.

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Freddy & Francine

Jack White relocated to Nashville, TN after gaining success (can you blame him for getting out of Detroit?), and has worked with several country music artists, including Loretta Lynn. Freddy & Francine are similar, delivering some of that country twang over timelessly classic folksy music. Main songwriters and founding band members Bianca Caruso and Lee Ferris share lead vocal duties, resulting in a captivating and unique blend of voices. This band’s name is misleading, as it actually contains six core members, but they’re good enough to make this list anyways.

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