Finding Good MusicAs much as I enjoy listening to my favorite albums over and over again, I get a different feeling from discovering new music.  It’s a little similar to finding a great new restaurant.  There’s a risk involved in trying out something new, whether it be a new dish from the menu or a new song from an unknown band.  However, if the product is great, the reward is very gratifying.

One would think that at this day and age discovering quality new music should be very simple.  There are tons of websites for music. From Myspace, to, to Pandora and  But the reality is different.  It is really hard to find new music gems.

There are a few fundamental problems with online services for new music.  The main problem is quality control.  Websites such as Myspace and CDBaby allow anyone to upload their music and setup an artist page.  This obviously leads to a huge amount of unmanaged content, most of which is of very poor quality.  For example, I searched hundreds of jazz artists on CDBaby.  As I listened, I asked myself the question, “Is this good enough to be played on the radio?”  Approximately 1 out 15 artists passed my quality control test.  My experience on Myspace was even worse. also features independent bands and musicians.  Unfortunately, most of the music on this website is just not good enough to be “signed”. and have great quality music, but the odds of hearing emerging artists on these two sites are slim.  If you want to know why check out Joey’s article, Why Your Music Is Not Playing On Pandora Or

This music search made me all the more enthused about making sure all the music we have on earbits will be high quality and “radio ready”.  We are proud to have amazing musicians such as John Tegmeyer and Sumi Tonooka, and Grammy winners Dave Samuels and Mads Tolling, among many more great artists.  So, next time you want to discover great music you haven’t heard before, hopefully you’ll be tuning into

Yotam Rosenbaum
EVP of Music,
[email protected]
Twitter: @earbits

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