by Daphne Melvin

After seeing Foxy Shazam’s music video for “I Like It” off their latest album, The Church of Rock and Roll, I just haven’t been able to get them off my mind, particularly lead singer Eric Sean Nally. He has a voice reminiscent of Freddie Mercury and all the charisma of a rock and roll God. He’s everything rock and roll should be, and he’s every reason why we fell in love with rock music in the 60s. I’m not sure how this band has been able to stay under my radar, because they’ve been around since the early 2000’s and have definitely been noticed by SPIN magazine, Alternative Press, and have been touring with bands like the Strokes and Hole.

The Church of Rock and Roll is Foxy Shazam’s fourth studio album and was released earlier this year in January. In comparison to their first debut album, it’s almost unrecognizable. Foxy’s music has completely matured from adolescent screams and a chaotic mix of guitar and keyboard into a clear tenor/falsetto voice backed by powerful power chords, melodic keyboard melodies, and the occasional trumpet. As a band, Foxy’s hormonal, teenage angst-ridden days are over, and the saviors of Rock and Roll have arrived.

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