This is part of our ongoing series discussing ways of getting on the radio.  To read stories about the successes and failures of great bands that have tried to get on the radio, check out our list of related articles.  To get radio airplay, click here to submit your music to Earbits Radio.

What is your band name?

Joe Hehir

** Click here to listen to Joe Hehir on Earbits! **

Tell us about your band.

I’ve been doing kind of a folk revival revival type of thing. Ive been writing and performing for over 20 years and recording for the last 10. I’ve mostly worked as a solo act but right now am in the works of getting a good touring band together and building a fan base. I was recently interviewed on a local cable TV show and performed a few tunes. From this interview I picked up a couple of new fans. Most likely the show was not viewed by many however I now have video that can be used. This is what we would call a force multiplier.

Have you ever had your music played on College or FM Radio?

I’ve had one of my songs played on internet radio in Northern Ontario at 3 in the morning. It made the show as one of my friends knew the DJ. As well a tune I recorded with a band was played on local radio for a full week two times a day. It was a local submission show entry but somehow made it into regular rotation. The band I was in broke up before anything really happened and that was the last I heard of that song being played.

What things did your band try in order to get on the radio and did they work?

I’ve submitted cds to local radio and college radio as well i’ve submitted to internet radio. I’ve been featured on Earbits radio and am now in rotation on a limited scale, probably once a day or so. Earbits does not pay royalties however it still gives me the opportunity to be heard by a lot of people that would otherwise not know me at all…

Standard land radio rotation though, so i’ve heard, is not the easiest to get onto. There has to be a real buzz about your group for this to occur. I’ve once heard showing up to your local station with breakfast for the DJ’s is an excellent way to start. I personally haven’t done this but its a thought.

Stay tuned for our next installment of “Get on the Radio: Tales of Toil and Triumph”! Be sure to submit music for radio airplay on Earbits!

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