This is part of our ongoing series discussing how to get on the radio.  To read stories about the successes and failures of great bands that have tried getting on the radio, check out our list of related articles.  To get radio airplay, click here to submit your music to Earbits Radio.

What is your band name?

Reboot The Robot

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Tell us about your band.

I am the only member of my band. I use touring and studio musicians for everything, because I find it pretty difficult to meet other artists expectations; when I write my music I do so to get out certain feelings or emotions, and a lot of times its difficult to take those feelings and confine them to someone elses box. I started RTR in 2008 and have released 4 albums so far. My music is classified as indie rock/pop. My biggest accomplishment so far is being featured in the AMP unsigned section of AMP magazine. My current goal right now is to find a manager and possibly a label. Id like to tour for as long as possible because I really enjoy being on the road and meeting new people!

Have you ever had your music played on College or FM Radio?

Yes, quite a few actually. But in all honesty I couldn’t tell you which ones. I’ve submitted hundreds of press kits over the years to both commercial and college stations. Many times I’m told by new listeners that thwy heard me on the radio. I generally don’t ask which stations though. I’m just happy to get play in general.

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What things did your band try in order to get on the radio and did they work?

I’ve sent out literally hundreds of press kits that cost me more than id like to think. I also bombard radio stations with emails and mp3 files. Usually stations don’t respond to my kits or emails. When they do, it’s usually to tell me that they don’t accept unsolicited materials. Sometimes I receive feedback on why I’m not selected, and it’s usually because Im not a well known artist or its because they don’t feel I’m a good fit for their regular rotation.

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