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What is your band name?

The BlueCats

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Tell us about your band.

I founded the band as The “Venice” BlueCats in 2005. We used to play blues standards with a rock twist at The Venice Bistro every Friday night for a a couple of years, leading up to our first album, “Perfect Example” in 2007. It was mostly a cover album with only 2 original songs on it. Our new album “Earthquake Mama”, has a full 11 original tunes. Most of them are by Lead guitarist Keith Pittell and I (Tony Battelle) wrote the rest. Anyway, after Perfect Example came out, the band kinda fell apart. The drummer had died, and we all went to work on projects with other musicians. We came back together to cut this album. All the reviews are good to great. We’ve been compared to The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Dr, John, Brian Setzer, even the Stray Cats. We’d like to get away from the bars and play more festivals. We really think we have a distinctive blues /rock style that’s evident on our new album. We’ll continue to develop it and add new songs. Obviously we’d like to increase our fan base and create more demand. Air play will be a big part of that plan.

Have you ever had your music played on College or FM Radio?

We are currently submitting copies of our new album “Earthquake Mama” to California radio stations, but getting folks to play, let a lone listen to the album is very difficult when these folks receive dozens, if not hundreds of CDs a day,

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What things did your band try in order to get on the radio and did they work?

Like I said, we are currently doing mass mailings. We send a copy of our album along with our One Sheet. We have also emailed a lot of Blues radio stations around the country. We don’t get much feedback. We actually get more feedback from the emails. Usually they tell us how to mail them a CD, but then, that’s the last we hear from them.

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