This is part of our ongoing series about getting your music played on the radio.  To read stories about the successes and failures of great bands that have tried to get on College or FM radio, check out our list of related articles.  To get on the radio, click here to submit your music to Earbits Radio.

What is your band name?

Ali Spagnola

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Tell us about your band.

I’m a “drinking composer with a music problem”. My most recent album, The Power Hour Album, is 60 one-minute party songs that double as a drinking game. Listeners take a shot of beer for each song. My live shows are also interactive drinking games. I released this album on a Shot Glass USB that I invented. It’s a shot glass with a USB drive inside that stores the music files. You use the music to play the game and use the shot glass to drink.

Have you ever had your music played on College or FM Radio?

I’ve been on FM radio for a live interview. It was on 102.1 The Edge in Dallas, TX (one of the Big 10 stations). They didn’t play my music but they did interview me and talked about my album and my Shot Glass USB. They gave a copy of my album/USB away in a contest as well.

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What things did your band try in order to get on the radio and did they work?

To get this radio interview, I contacted the DJ, Vydra, directly after she mentioned me on Twitter. She tweeted a link to my website and said how she’d love to get a Shot Glass USB as a gift. The Twitter alerts I have set up for “Shot Glass USB” let me know about it. I responded saying I’d send her one. The interview and on-air giveaway developed from there.

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