Today, we are kicking off a series of blog posts about different ways for musicians to get on the radio.  We’ve asked our bands, great bands with high quality music, to tell us about all of the things they’ve done to try and get on the radio, and whether they were a great success, or a dismal failure.  Check this page often for links to new stories and interviews from the series.

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Get on the Radio Interviews:

1. Triumph: Three Day Threshold

2. Toil: Daniel Whittington

3. Triumph: Wooster

4. Toil: The Neologist

5. Triumph: Kingsley

6. Triumph: Ali Spagnola

7. Toil: The Really Cooks

8. Toil: Ukulele Jim

9. Triumph: Final Step

10. Triumph: Substance Abuse

11. Triumph: Maya Over Eyes

12. Toil: Life Love Misery

13. Toil: Swarmius

14. Toil: Dylan Hyde

15. Triumph: Naked Gun

16. Triumph: The Honey Wilders

17. Triumph: Dot Dot Dot

18. Toil: Chuck Howard

19. Triumph: Vices I Admire

20. Triumph: FireBug

21. Toil: Heidi Klum’s Bangs

22. Triumph: Deborah Crooks

23. Triumph: Falling Andes

24. Toil: Sevenrest

25. Triumph: Mike Musick

26. Toil: Joe Hehir

27. Triumph: Kenneth Rice

28. Triumph: TEE-M

29. Toil: Amherst Aisle

30. Triumph: Echo and the Empress

31. Triumph: Stephen Poppell & the Wolfpack Band

32. Toil: Teddy Ware

33. Toil: The Como Brothers Band

34. Triumph: Reboot The Robot

35. Triumph: Heather Pierson

36. Toil: Dan Schmuland Project

37. Triumph: The Funky Seeds

38. Toil: Tavie Basarich

39. Toil: The Perverted Hymns

40. Triumph: Dave Panico – The Soaring Saxman

41. Triumph: Amber Lynn Nicol

42. Toil: The BlueCats

43. Triumph: Oh Condor

44. Triumph: Dante Elephante

45. Toil: Debbie Goodman

46. Triumph: When Systems Collide

47. Triumph: K. Sparks

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