Google has had some cool homepage logos throughout the years, but none of them have come close to today’s theme.  Okay, maybe the day when the logo was a playable Pac Man game was better, but today’s theme is still pretty awesome.

The company is honoring Les Paul’s birthday today, which occurred on this day in 1915.  Aside from creating one of the most iconic (and best) guitars of all time— the Gibson Les Paul —Paul was integral in the development in many modern studio techniques such as multi-track recording.  The man is responsible for many of the instruments that have created popular music throughout the years as well as the process in which that music was recorded.  Paul died in August of 2009 at age 94, but he left behind an overwhelmingly impressive legacy in the music community.

In a fitting tribute to Paul’s life and accomplishments, Google has transformed their logo into a playable guitar.  Head over to the Google homepage to check it out.  You can even record your own performance and generate an individual link to your recording (hint: if you press the record button, you can play the strings using your computer keyboard rather than the mouse).  Very cool.  Apple may have dropped a bombshell on the music industry with their announcement of iCloud earlier this week, but Google’s Les Paul tribute is what’s impressing me most this morning.

Below is a video of a user’s attempt at performing Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” with the logo.

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