Since the inception of Earbits, our goal was always to not only build an awesome online radio experience, but to build a service that helps high quality artists develop their career.  We are working hard to create new opportunities for the artists we work with.  From licensing opportunities for TV, film, and commercials, to booking live shows, and now we are pleased to announce our new initiative with Spectra Records in their search for new talent.


How Does It Work?

Spectra Talent Search is open to all bands in all genres.  There’s no cost involved in getting your music reviewed.  This is not a contest, and there’s no quota of how many bands Spectra will pick.


All you have to do is:

1. Submit your music to Earbits.  We are the first line of defense. We’ll review every submission for quality musicianship and a professional recording. If you’re great, you’ll be added into rotation on Earbits Radio.

2. We’ll give you a link to your music on Earbits.  To make it to the review by Spectra, you’ll need to prove that you’ve got some basic promotional chops by getting at least 250 people to listen to your music. Once you get 250 listens on Earbits, your song will go into the queue for review by Spectra and they’ll let you know by May 1st, 2012.


You want an answer sooner?

3. Pushing your way to the front of the review line is easy.  All you have to do is get 750 people to listen to your music on Earbits. This means you’re either a decent promoter or really great artist that people love. Do this and Spectra will get back to you within 14 days.

If you’re music is already in rotation on Earbits, you don’t have to re-submit it.  Just send an email to [email protected] with the name of your band and the subject line: Spectra.


The Record Deal

Spectra’s  record deal will be tailored to each band’s needs and accomplishments.  A band with no following and little touring experience shouldn’t expect to get the same deal as one who has built a loyal fan base and spent some time driving their van across the county.  Below are some of the things Spectra offers to its signed artists:

Recording Agreement
Worldwide Physical Distribution
Worldwide Digital Distribution
Music as Ringtones
Marketing and Radio Promotion
Marketing for album
Sync Licensing for Movies, TV, Video Games
Endorsement Deals
Publicity on album and artist
Tour Support and Touring
Opening for National Acts
Music Video Recorded
National Radio Airplay

About Spectra:

Spectra Records is a major independent record label.  Their roster includes artists such as Lou Gramm, Paul Young, Brendan Keeley, Magni, just to name a few.  Spectra Records has subsidiary labels for Jazz and Heritage artists.


So what are you waiting for?  Send your music for review, and… good luck!

Yotam Rosenbaum

EVP of Music
[email protected]

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