The first time I listened to Post-Nothing, the first album by noisy Canadians Japandroids, I declared the duo as one of my new favorite bands.  The album displayed a group repeatedly teetering between balance and destruction, along the same lines of noise pop pioneers like Sonic Youth and Dinosaur, Jr.  Also, beneath the onslaught of distorted, fuzzy noise and twisted vocal effects on Post-Nothing lies inspiring lyricism.  Take, for instance, second track “Young Hearts Spark Fire,” in which the duo repeatedly screams “I don’t worry about dying / I just want to worry about sunshine girls.”  Of course, there are also lyrics like “Let’s go to France / So we can French kiss some French girls,” on the song “Wet Hair,” but that’s not the point.

Since Post-Nothing’s 2009 release, however, the band has yet to release a follow up studio album (last year’s No Singles was a compilation of older EPs).

That lack of updated output is set to change sometime in the future, as Japandroids debuted a brand new song during their performance at Dallas’s Bryan Street Tavern a couple of tour stops ago.  An audience member caught the song— called “Adrenaline Nightshift”— on video.

The song doesn’t stray far from Post-Nothing material as it’s nearly pure noise, but by means chaotic.  There’s melody and rhythm there.  It’s as if Japandroids consistently write the catchiest pop songs imaginable but then crank the distortion high enough that no pop fan would ever listen to them.  There’s not much wrong with that.  Click here to listen to Post-Nothing‘s “The Boys Are Leaving Town” on Earbits Radio!

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