Deer Tick has made their best album yet.  The alt-country band plans to release the fourth LP, entitled Divine Providence in honor of the band’s native state of Rhode Island, on October 25th through Partisan Records, but it’s streaming now on Spin’s website. Spin claims that the group wanted to “bring the beer-splashed energy of their live set into the studio with them,” avoiding the all-too-easy “folk rock” label.  Upbeat energy is exactly what’s found on Divine Providence.

As anyone who has attended a Deer Tick show knows, the group rarely slows down, bouncing around the stage in a (usually drunken) frenzy.  Singer John J. McCauley III is the star of the show, almost always performing with some sort of memorable antics.  But Deer Tick’s albums often present a different side of the band, a slower, country ballad-influenced style of musicianship.  While the band can perform those softer, slower songs with energy onstage, it often doesn’t translate on record.

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As Spin and the band stated themselves, Divine Providence set out to correct that problem.  They did well, as the tracks contain relentless energy, even on slower tunes like “Clownin’ Around” and “Chevy Express.”

One of the album’s highest points is “Let’s All Go To The Bar,” a track the band has already been performing live for a few months.  It contains loud gang vocals screaming the refrain (“Let’s All Go To The Bar”) as singer John J. McCauley III shouts phrases like “I don’t care if it rains, I don’t care if there’s a hurricane!”  The song embodies almost all of the appealing aspects of Deer Tick: loud, drunken, fun rock ‘n roll.  It might be their catchiest and best song yet.  Divine Providence is definitely their best album.

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