Whoa whoa whoa, wait up, what?  Huh?  Why have I not heard of Parquet Courts before?  If you haven’t heard of Parquet Courts before, why haven’t you heard of Parquet Courts before?

My introduction to the band is probably of little interest to you, but allow me tell you anyways, for the sake of citing my internet sources.  Stereogum posted a short article about the band’s song entitled “Stoned And Starving,” which can be found on their album Light Up Gold. The writer of that article, Amrit Singh, also astutely mentioned that that album could be found on Stereogum’s Top 50 list of this year.

Stereogum also claims that the band is “a breath of fresh air.”  I argue that they are not.  They are air that was bottled in the height of the post-punk era by a stoned and starving Lou Reed.  Air that was left in that bottle to age in Lou’s wine cellar.  Then found by a group of young, scrappy musicians that moved into Mr. Reed’s former apartment in Brookklyn.  And finally let loose to satisfy the hordes of fans with metaphorical respiratory problems.  Welcome, wanted air, yes.  Not necessarily fresh.  But just fresh enough.

To their credit, Parquet Courts are not a post-punk rip-off.  They are an awesome band with some of the coolest sounds coming out of a Brooklyn scene that can get redundant if you don’t listen closely enough.  WHOA.

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