Foals is the rare type of band that’s consistently evolving, yet in a good way.  The band debuted in 2007 with Antidotes, an album that can be described as sloppy math rock.  The songs contained characteristics of that precise, groove-based and tempo-mashing genre, yet there was a punk aesthetic that gave it a more soulful vibe.  Like math rock but they didn’t double-check their equations (and fans were better off for that).

The group returned with Total Life Forever two years later, and the lead single from that album was a fairly sizable departure from the group’s previous work.  “Spanish Sahara” is a slow-building, quietly emotional track.

“Inhaler,” the latest effort from the English band, signifies yet another slight shift in the band’s sound.  It sill features the intricate grooves found on Antidotes, but there’s a heavier quality to the track.  Lead singer Yannis Philippakis’s high-pitched singing style eventually erupts into a full-on scream.

The song was released in conjunction with an interesting video.  I’m not sure if there’s any sort of narrative that’s supposed to be tugged out of this thing (if there is and i’m missing it, let me know), but the visuals are pretty interesting.  Some of the dancers even do a shoulder pop move that I learned in a krumping workshop once.  That’s neat, but likely not Foals’ intention.

The video correlates with the exciting fact that Foals are set to release a new album early next year.  It’s called Holy Fire, and it’s scheduled for a February 11, 2013 release.  You can preorder it here.  It’ll be interesting to see whether the rest of the songs on the album sound like “Inhaler.”

The band prefaces the video with a “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” warning, likely included because there is some (not distasteful) nudity that occurs throughout the clip.  So if you’re opposed to that for some reason, don’t watch.  Otherwise, check it out below (you should definitely listen to the song regardless).


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