Phillips, the Dutch electronics company, has created one of the coolest promotional campaigns I’ve seen in a while.  The company enlisted the help of Washed Out, the musician that rose to popularity a couple of years ago in the chillwave boom (and, like his fellow peers, has been striving to move past the “chillwave” designation ever since).  Washed Out (gov. name Ernest Greene) made a song called “The Sound Of Creation” using foley sound effects such as a pen clicking and a person blowing/popping a bubble with gum.  The result is an example of Washed Out’s genius with combining unusual sounds into a cohesive musical product.

The song can be accessed via Phillips site.  On that page, you can watch some cool visuals as the various tracks unfold.  You can also interact with the song by using the numbered keys on your keyboard to mute individual tracks.  Pretty entertaining.  Or, of course, you could just listen to the song via Soundcloud below.  Either way, well done Washed Out.

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