Recent musical trends have proved that Americana is a genre no longer confined within the Southern and rural Midwestern states.  Bands like Deer Tick (from Rhode Island) and Dawes (from Los Angeles) have proved that you don’t have to be from a specific part of the United States to be classified as country.  Even foreign bands like Mumford & Sons have been at the forefront of the Americana resurgence.

In the wake of the release of their latest album entitled Nothing Is Wrong, aforementioned L.A. Americana representatives Dawes have been touring with Allison Krauss & Union Station as well as headlining a few of their own shows.  In order to celebrate their success, the group will be holding a free show on Thursday, September 1st at the Santa Monica Pier.

If you’re one of the many L.A. natives that generally avoids the touristy pier, this is the perfect opportunity to make a visit.  Seeing a free concert on the beach by a band that’s bound to continue increasing its already established success will be one of the best ways to kick off the month of September.  I honestly cannot think of a show that will surpass this one throughout the rest of the month.  And it’s free.  Nothing is Wrong with that (I apologize for the terrible pun).

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