As much as I resist the party-with-no-purpose lifestyle associated with electronic dance music (to a certain degree… the punk fan in me just can’t stomach too much disco), it’s impossible to ignore its presence and power in the modern music community.  And at this point, I’ve accepted that it’s ignorant to call all electronic music “techno.”  When you finally begin to shed some of that ignorance and truly look at the different subgenres beneath the EDM umbrella, it’s apparent that there’s a lot of variation and diversity.  Hell, Earbits Radio has over thirty stations of specific genres of electronic music.

One style of electronic music that is tolerable is the kind that’s played at the HARD events that take place throughout the country.  There’s no simple definition for the kinds of artists that perform at those events, as they’ve ranged from house king Deadmau5 to young hip-hop group Odd Future.  Perhaps they’re mainstream, perhaps they’re hipster, perhaps they don’t represent true rave culture… but the HARD events are enjoyable… and that’s all that matters.

HARD’s next event is the Halloween-themed HARD Haunted Mansion (trailer posted above), which will take place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.  The Shrine is located just blocks away from the LA Coliseum, the location where an underage girl died a couple summers ago at Electronic Daisy Carnival, much to the dismay of supporters (and critics) of rave culture.  But while EDC abandoned the area for the more welcoming city of Las Vegas, Hard Haunted Mansion has remained in its downtown venue.  It’s now one of the premier annual rave events in the Los Angeles area.

This year, the lineup for Hard Haunted Mansion is incredible.  Topping the bill on the first day— this Friday, 10/28— is mainstream electronic pioneer Fatboy Slim.  Fatboy Slim!  Also performing is Britain’s Rusko, one of the best and most prominent dubstep producers.  Saturday features a headlining set from Soulwax, yet another pioneering electronic group.  Bro-step (not a genre featured on Earbits, but an apt description) mastermind Skrillex and reggaeton-influenced duo Major Lazer are also going to be delivering sets that evening.

The event is 18+ and single day, $75 tickets are still available through the festival’s site.

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