If you haven’t noticed yet, Earbits is making waves with Earbits Los Angeles. We made it our mission to help our local bands and do the best we can to introduce their music to new local ears. On October 15th, we will have our first Earbits Presents show. We will feature some of our best local bands at the the El Cid club. More details to come soon.

Getting To Know You

There are thousands of active bands in Los Angeles. From big names like Weezer, and Fishbone, to unknown bands people should know. We currently have on Earbits 230 awesome bands from Los Angeles and its vicinity. These bands are not mediocre garage bands, as we are pretty damn strict with our screening process. These are hard working bands, who deserve to be heard. So we figured it would only make sense to get some of these bands together, let them get to know each other, and exchange ideas and information.

We sent out emails to a bunch of our bands and invited them for drinks in our backyard in Venice. Being our first mixer, event we invited a small number of bands to test out the result.

The Mixer

As expected in LA, the first guest trickled in an hour later than the original invitation time. We set on the lawn in a circle which gradually got wider as more people showed up. We had a bucket full of beer, snacks, Earbits music playing in the background, and great weather. Most of the conversations were about music, gigs, tours, recording studios, marketing efforts, and many other things musicians care about.

For us, the Earbits team, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet in person the bands we work with. It was also a great opportunity to explain in more details what Earbits is all about, why we started the company (our own frustration with the difficulty to market music effectively), what we’ve done in the past year and a half, and what are our goals for the future.

By the end of the night it seemed like everyone had a good time. Business cards were exchanged, so was information about upcoming shows. We will definitely host more mixers and hope to meet you all soon.

Yotam Rosenbaum
EVP of Music
[email protected]
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