L.A.-based band Margate released an EP entitled Rock ‘n Roll Reserve about a month ago.  The inspiration behind that album name is clearly explained in the EP’s title track, for which the band recently released an accompanying video.  In that video, Margate’s three members wear Army-esque camo outfits and similar helmets.  They sing about lost dreams of getting a record deal, lots of girls and lots of drugs— the typical longing to conquer the music industry experienced by most people that ever pick up a rock instrument.  But, as singer/drummer Alex Helbig sings during the chorus, “[They’re] in the Rock ‘n Roll Reserve.  No longer living for that dream.  Now I’m doing it just for me.”

Apparently badass guitar solos are common in the Rock ‘n Reserve, as guitarist Doug Mitchell demonstrates around the 1:25 mark.  Drummer Alex Helbig performs with a sparse and decidedly punk/awesome drum set consisting of simply a kick, snare, and hi-hat.  Bassist Steve Weil, yet another integral member of the group, is also worth mentioning, as the song would lose much without his quick picking.

Check out the video, directed by Shawn Greenspan and released through Triforce Pictures, below.  And click here to listen to “Lovesick,” another song from the Rock ‘n Roll Reserve album.


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