I saw Brangelina’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I didn’t see Knight and Day (mostly because I had seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith).  But when it comes to the glorious genre of sexed-up, romantic action/comedy, Mayer Hawthorne’s new video for “The Walk” seems to be the most entertaining product on the market.  Perhaps that’s because we only have to watch two dueling lovers for around four minutes (Mr. and Mrs. Smith was exactly two hours long).  More likely it’s because we get to hear a smooth new single from the soulful singer as the action scene plays out.

“The Walk” is a breakup song, but— in typical Hawthorne fashion— it’s upbeat and joyful rather than dark and depressing.  Even lyrics like “You can walk those high heels, baby, right out of my life” are augmented by retro soul-style horns and quickly-shouted “ooh!”s.  The song describes a conflicted lover— one that finds his partner overwhelmingly attractive but knows the couple needs to split up— and the visual accompaniment mirrors that theme.  The female actress has sex appeal that arguably surpasses Angelina, even when she’s firing lethal shots at Hawthorne.

The video imagines a romantic split in its most violent form, but Mayer Hawthorne belts out his woes in his signature soulful falsetto.  The respected musician’s latest album entitled How Do You Do is scheduled to be released this Tuesday through Stones Throw Records.    Check out the video below.


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